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Web Marca is now open for affiliate marketing referrals. Every successful paid project by clients that you refer, earns you a commission. The more clients you refer to us, the higher the percentage you earn from the total sales. Let us partner up and work on this together. It is a win-win situation for both of us. Promote us and have them hire us to do their website projects and services. For more information, please read our full process below.

How to apply?

Sign up to be an Affiliate

Affiliate Membership Confirmation

Wait for our confirmation via email or text, that you are already an affiliate member for Web Marca. This is to make sure that we could track all referrals properly and give their commissions.

The confirmation should be sent to you within 5 business days once approved. After that, make it count and refer as many clients as possible.

Start Promoting Us

Once you are a part of our Affiliate Marketing program, you may start promoting us on all channels. Please do note that spamming on social media using our name may disqualify you from the program.

A safe promotion is set to be at a maximum of 2 to 3 times promotion or mention per day on social media platforms. Anything more can be considered abuse advertising.

Remind your Referrals

Please remind all your referrals to mention your full name or your company brand during the pre-sale process. This is to make sure that we know to whom we would reward the corresponding commission for our sales.

Post-mention referrals are not counted. In case your referral forgot to mention you or your company during the pre-sale procedure. Make them use this form as a starting point.

Commission Payout

Every payout of sales commission is awarded to our affiliate members, only after the full payment on each of their referrals is paid. Make sure you and your referrals read, understand, and accept our terms of service.

We award payments through Paypal and Payoneer only. Make sure to register for an account on one of these E-money platforms. Commission payments will be in the form of US dollar currency.

Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

Since we value continuous help and support. Every increment of succeeding referrals will earn you a higher rate commission. The percentage is calculated by these figures below. Our maximum rate is capped at 15% on every sale.

  • 1-5 referrals     : 5% commission rate
  • 6-10 referrals   : 7% commission rate
  • 11-20 referrals : 10% commission rate
  • 21-30 referrals : 13% commission rate
  • 31 and above   : 15% commission rate
No other Affiliate Marketing Program has offered this much commission by a digital marketing company agency like us. Let us partner up with this growth and opportunity.
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