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Content Writing Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Publishing articles through blog is one form of content writing. Creating informative text paragraphs, heading topic titles, graphics and videos to publish publicly is what content writing is all about.

First you need to focus on a main topic. Followed by any related sub topic related to your main title. Giving examples, definition personal experience, opinion, tips and tricks are the foundation of content writing.

There are various method to start content writing. But the most effective is writing on a document from your Google Drive which auto save your work. Additionally you could print, download or publish directly from your folder.

Apart from the pure text format consisting of paraghraphs, heading titles and list. Photos and Videos may also be included for visual representation of the topic.

According to average price, most agencies charge 10 cents up to one US dollar per word. But here at Webmarca, we only charge between $ 30 up to 79 USD per 500 words depending on the type of an article you want.

Web Marca at your service, to do business content writing. Our expert group of freelance content writers will optimize the article to drive traffic through your keywords.

No need to go looking for other writers. Web Marca's experienced bloggers will do the rest of the work for your. Because content writing must be done professionally and Google friendly.

If done correctly, yes. Content writing can help boost traffic from Google searches. Thus, increasing the number of people visiting your website where you could market your brand.

Absolutely, if do not have the luxury of time or the knowledge. Better yet, leave it to experts and have them write those articles with the keyword you are targetting for.

The importance or benefit of content writing is about branding and traffic. Advantages of content writing can help boost your sales revenue if done properly and strategically.

best Content Writing company for 2021

"Our content writing company is composed of freelance writers. So, in case that you are interested on investing some contents for your website, we can help. There are great ways to improve the SEO of your website and one of them is through publishing articles." Below are some of what we can offer with our content writing service.

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Outstanding Piece

We make some of the best piece of articles for our clients' websites. By spending time and effort to convey the right message.

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Ready Within 2 Days

As much as possible, we don't want to keep you waiting long. So we deliver our contents within two days with good quality.

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Informative to Readers

Leave a mark to your readers by informing them on what they need to know. Pointing out these information makes them happy.

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Real Great Savings

We do not overcharge our customers. But we only charge them on what is fair for our work and with their budget for the task.

Having several years of background on writing for client’s websites is our biggest advantage. We have proven our worth where these articles are now driving traffic and revenue on our customers’ website. Web Marca’s content writing services comes in a fixed rate cost per 500 words. Our SEO content writing gives you the advantage over your competitors to use their strength against them.

Big Savings

Big Savings

With our affordable pricing you are guaranteed with big savings for the worth of long term investment.

Media Inclusion

Media Inclusion

Normally, photos and videos would cost you more money. But, we can include them for free if available.

Correct Grammar

Correct Grammar

Before we send the final draft, we always check if we used the correct grammar all through out.

Right Punctuation

Right Punctuation

Using the right punctuation on each sentences, could make a huge difference on how it is read.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Google is smart and understands the purpose of each article. We always put this into consideration.

Even Distribution

Even Distribution

Articles should be neat to read. So we distribute paragrahps evenly. Doing right partition on each topic.

Product Reviews

Affiliate websites are a trend nowadays. They are considered as money making sites. Each of their content is composed of either a list of best products. Or a comparision between two or more items to help buyers decide which one to pick.

Product reviews content writing are a good investment for shopping site commission from sales referral. So more and more website owners prefer these kind of scheme which we do for them.

Business Writing

Writing introduction and description about your company brand is a good start for your customers. We can do business writing to let them know what your products and services have to offer. A great starting point to do your sales pitch to them.

Additionally, business writing is a good means to match the customers need from the benefits of your product or services. We can onvince them on why they need it through content writing.

Articles Portfolio - Content Writing Samples

Here are some of our previous work for content writing. These are the articles we wrote for our clients which now drives traffic and get clicks from searches. Google has indexed these written contents, which now ranks for multiple keywords. These articles have also improve Google’s trust on their website by Web Marca writing high quality content for their readers. Below is just a sample portion from the entire SEO article that we wrote for the site.

content writing portfolio blog website
SEO copywrting for blog content

Let us take the first step by sending us what you need for your business website. We can research or check what are the trending topics related to your company or brand’s website. So, we could create a list of topics which would be helpful for your readers. In time, you may find these readers keep coming back for the blog articles on your site which pique their interests.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via our online platform on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock up for the estimate budget that you would need for our content writing services.

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