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Our company at the moment is supporting team members who are creating some helpful articles for our visitors. It is not easy to maintain a website such as ours. Not to mention the salary that we have to pay for our staff. Most of the blogs that we write are not being monetized. So, any donation amount would come a long way to support our team financially.

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For our generous sponsors, please consider helping us. If you could donate with any amount via our Paypal account. Then that would be awesome. This is one of the most secured and stable modes of payment for the donation. You can choose to donate a one-time or recurring donations.

Get the benefit of supporting us through our promotional advertisement service. Let us have a mutual benefit by means of our advertising service. Promote your brand for an affordable monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. Our repeat clients and patrons are awarded discounted pricing.

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If you feel generous enough, you may decide to buy us a ko-fi. It will be just a one-time payment. Just a brief background, Kofi is commonly used for charity donations. And it is a popular choice to reward certain brands and show your support for them.

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Subscribe through our Patreon page and be a regular supporter. Get the benefit of receiving the latest updates about the Web Marca website, services, projects, and social media.

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If you are unable to donate or help us with funds, you can still support us in another way. Please do consider spreading the word about our services or website. You can begin sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

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