Let Web Marca create an eCommerce website for you, to sell products and services by an online shop.

eCommerce Website Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may sell your products and services online. Facebook marketplace and other online shopping reseller networks. But it's completely great if you have your own online store shop. It's because you could take the lead in terms of competition from other sellers.

Online shopping works as easy as 3 steps. Add to cart, checkout, and the payment. It is convenient for customers to purchase online, that is why it is projected that online sales are to increase by 60-80 percent in the coming years.

Having an eCommerce website means the ability to showcase, sell products online, and accepting your customer's payments in a digital way. Sites created by Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress (which is the best).

One of the best methods to work and manage an eCommerce Shopping Store is through a website commonly powered by a WordPress system.

Branding is the first reason. People will remember your website where you could do a lot of things and monetize the traffic from your visitors. Plus the chance of doing a sales pitch for upselling.

Here at Web Marca, we could offer an average price of 450 US dollars all-in price or even less. That depends on what you require for your shop. You can contact us so that we could discuss your options.

If you sell products and want to increase your sales. Then you need an eCommerce website to sell products and services worldwide using your own brand.

We want to offer convenience when hosting your eCommerce website. So, if you don't have the knowledge, we at Web Marca can help and guide you in terms of setting it up on WordPress and work on the maintenance.

best ECommerce Website company for 2021

"Our eCommerce store shop and website builder company is composed of freelance web marketers. So, in case that you are looking to create your brand and have a website, Web Marca can help. We can assist you in selling your products and services worldwide." Below are what we can offer with our Ecommerce website service.

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Top-Notch Templates

We already have proven templates that fits your business niche. Our template designs are user-friendly and easy to browse.

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Quick Site Deployment

Since we use ready and pre-built templates, we can deploy your site quickly with just a few customizations based on your needs.

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Convenient for Sellers

No need to overwhelm yourself about where to start selling your products or services online. Our team will guide you the right way.

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Affordable Online Store

You don't need to spend a thousand dollars to build a simple online store. We have some budget-friendly price rates for you.

Having a long time of experience handling online shopping websites. We found the proven practices to sell and monetize your website in an easy and convenient method. Web Marca’s WordPress eCommerce site comes in cheap pricing but with great quality results. We will build an online store for you. Leave the technical headaches to us so you could focus on your sales.

Online Shop

Online Shop

Selling online makes it easier to sell products and services worldwide which leads to higher revenue.

Digital Store

Digital Store

You can also sell intangible products online through the help of the digital world of an eCommerce site.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Offering some discounted coupons and promo codes can also attract more customers to purchase.

Paypal Checkout

Paypal Checkout

Accept payments through major credit or debit cards from customers around the globe by PayPal.

High Profit

High Profit

Increase revenue from about 60 percent of customers worldwide, who rather goes online shopping.

Sales Report

Sales Report

Know the trend especially by looking at the peak and off-peak season to plan ahead on your next sales.

Sell Products

If you have a physical store but don’t have a website, then you are losing some potential income. That is by selling products worldwide easily for customers. You can accept payments directly from your website.

Another thing is that an eCommerce online shopping store is capable of selling intangible or digital products like professional service, software, programs, ebooks, photos, documents, tickets, movies, and music.

Global Market

More and more brands prefer to sell products and services globally. This is because it is more sustainable for the business to sell not just locally. But also for the international market. Thus, increasing your revenue.

Do not just limit on selling within your town, city, or country. Start selling internationally in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Be ahead of your competitors and reach out to all the potential markets across the globe.

Business Portfolio - Ecommerce Website Samples

Below are some specific business niche websites that fit accordingly to their purpose. Photos and layout are designed accordingly to please your customers. We use great templates for the homepage, contact page, and individual product pages. All of these are loading at a good speed. And pages will look and fit well on mobile phone, tablet, pc laptop, and desktop screens.

Ecommerce business website portfolio

Let us take the first step by contacting us about building your online shopping store. Let us know what kind of business you have and we can prepare a sample layout on how your website will look like. And as a bonus, once you hired us, we can make a few suggestions that will help your business to be successful.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via our online platform on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock-up for the estimated budget that you would need for making an eCommerce website online shopping store.

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