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Website Owners or IT Students Guide

If you are an aspiring professional in the field of any Website Technology, please hear us out. Web Marca is a global agency providing services for business owners and personal bloggers. Our goal is to help them attract traffic from their prospective customer market. So, if you are wondering how it is related to you? Good thinking.

As far as experience is concerned in the field of Search Engine Optimization, we could help you. We are currently offering students and aspiring vloggers to get our lessons. WebMarca offers a compact checklist for SEO that will give a jumpstart to new websites or non-ranking pages.

What to expect?

Excel Form Easy to Follow SEO Checklist Lesson

Using our guide, you no longer need to study online courses to learn Search Engine Optimization. Our easy-to-follow SEO checklist is a summary of any lesson about optimizing a website for Google. It will be easier to identify what aspect did you miss out on in terms of SEO.

Other courses online may require you to purchase courses in multiple parts for upsells. But, for our digital marketing company, we offer the checklist in a single package and a one-time payment deal. Upon the verification of payment, you will receive the file within 24 hours.

Advantages of Web Marca SEO Checklist

By using our SEO checklist, you could start earning by doing freelance work even as a student. Small and start-up companies hire individuals with knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. As a newbie or student, you could offer them your services at a standard rate.

After grabbing our SEO checklist, you could reuse the file for all your clients to apply the things to do for any websites’ Search Engine Optimization. Consider our to-do list as an investment. You could earn back what you paid to us through your earnings for servicing your clients.

Higher Rankings in Only Months to Weeks

Of course, please do not expect the results to happen just overnight. SEO takes time and may take up to a month for Google to see the changes. But, rest assured that it will be worth it after that. Soon you will see that your website’s impression onGoogle Search Console is improving. Soon in no time, an increase in the number of clicks will start to kick in as well.

Patience is a virtue and a critical trait in Search Engine Optimization. If you are not patient enough, some may be desperate to try Black hat SEO and impact sites negatively after a month. Hence, our file only contains the White hat SEO method that Google loves. All you need to do is to follow strictly all the guidelines included on our SEO checklist.

Cheap Cost DIY Search Engine Optimization

We may be insane for giving this away. But, we are not selfish to keep it on our own. Now, for our first 1,000 customers, we are going to offer a one-time payment of 99 USD. However, the next regular purchases of our SEO checklist will be for the amount of 249 USD.

So, do not wait too long to decide whether to purchase our sweet deal or not. Remember that our file is like a recipe for Search Engine Optimization. You could reuse it over and over again. Apply it on unlimited websites as much as you want to.

Forget Getting Refunds for SEO Checklist

Because we are providing a file, we are not offering a refund. Our to-do list file is a non-tangible item that is irrevocable. You may contact us beforehand to help you decide. Feel welcome to ask us anytime about our product. We are happy to answer all your questions and guide you along the way.

Our team wishes you all the best with your endeavors on your website. Feel free to get back to us and share your success stories using our method through the means of our SEO checklist.

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