Site Collaboration

If you are interested in a site collaboration, this is the right page to know all the details.

Collaboration Requirements

Web Marca is currently open for any discussion about partnering up for a site collaboration. Let us team up and improve both of our website. Currently, here are a list of requirements for the site that we are interested to be dealing with.

  • Domain Rating of 40+
  • Not our direct competitor
  • Does not fall under these niche
    – Pornographic Content
    – Illegal Drugs
    – Gambling
Site Collaboration Requirements

Inter Site Endorsement

We should talk about how can we both benefit from this partnership. It is important that you fit on the requirements we have listed above for this inter site partnership to be successful. We only want to deal with credible websites.

Please read all the details we have provided on this page and proceed filling out the form. Take note that you should read, understand and agree before submitting your request. It is your responsibility to comply with all of these terms.

Warning for Partners

Warning for Partners

Here are some checklist for the things you should avoid once we tied up for this site collaboration. We look forwared that our website partners are honest, understanding and values our commitment on the terms we will be agreed into.

  1. Do not remove the links or the page where we are featured or have a citation (we check them from time to time).
  2. Avoid giving false information or any kind of bad comments and ratings.

Initiate for Site Collaboration

If you have read and agree to all the details for a site collaboration, please complete the following details below. We will respond accordingly if we are interested and ready to proceed with the details. One of our team members will reach out via email or phonecall.

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