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Why Hire a Voice Actor for Videos?

Voice Acting

Well Designed Websites


Our well designed templates are neat using lightweight and simple concept layout. Pages can easily load even on phones.

Web Designer Online Hire


You can easily hire us no matter where you are in the world. No need searching for a low cost website designer near you.

Discount Pricing Website Design


Our repeat clients are offered with discounted pricing. This is because we value your trust in the quality of our work.

Wordpress Website Designer


With almost a stunning 30 million installations around the world. We found WordPress, still being the best choice.


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outstanding voiceover artists

Technical help and client support is provided. We offer 15 days of customer assistance after each project with you for a smooth transition.

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Recordings Timely Delivery

We do the hard work for you by spending time and effort to put up your website as soon as possible. We use ready built templates.

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clear pleasant tone

Our reputation is important. So, we do not want to lose our credibility by the quality output of our work, on each single project that we do.

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affordable voice over

Unlike our competitors, we do not drain your funds. Because we also understand how hard it is to earn money. Our price is only reasonable.

Voice Over Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

affordable budget friendly Voice Overs


Cheap Pricing

Audio Book

eLearning Audiobook Kindle

Good Readability

Commercial Use

Brand products services explainer videos

Company Website

Youtube Videos

Almost 80 percent of the website projects we handled are for a company website. The rest are for personal and single owned type of businesses. So, we are flexible with any kind of business field or niche that you chose to be focusing on.

Branding Companies

Tiktok Videos

Ofcourse we consult you on how you want your brand to be remembered. So we provide questionnaires before each project to align your needs with our craft. We always take priority about your ideas.


Phone IVR

Simple webpagefx are enough to beautify a page. Design templates like slider and carousel can be lightweight with proper use. However, we do not advise cool designs like parallax, because they tend to be a heavy load for a page.

Graphic Design


Podcast introduction demo sample

Websites that have a simple layout template, usually loads faster on every web page. This is is important especially for mobile phone users. A quick loading website tends to rank higher on Google search results. Minimalist style has never been out of season. And still it has been preferred by many individuals.

We believe that owning a website should not be expensive. Building your website, especially for establishing an online shop or E-commerce store can be done easily by us. Hire our services and let’s start. See our cheap pricing for web design service. We offer low cost services compared to others.

Business Portfolio - Voice Over Artist

Audio demo sample

Designer Web Developer Agency

Let us take the first step by contacting us about starting a web project for your business. We can move pre-built templates for your company or brand’s website. So, your website can be established as soon as possible and we can make improvements later on if you decide to move on the next phase.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via our particularly on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock up for the estimate budget that you would need for our cheap web design services.

WebMarca Voice Over Agency


E Commerce Shop Website Development

Male Voice Over

Man Guy Boy

Low Cost Website Launch

Female Voice Over

Lady Woman Girl

Designer Web Developer Agency

Kid Voice Over

Young Kid

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