Our voice-over service talents at Web Marca, will provide audible audio for your brand company.

Voice Over Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recording a speech in digital format is what a voice-over is all about. It can be human or AI-generated. The output result is usually in WAV or MP3 format.

Voice Overs are usually recorded by voice-over talents or voice actors and actresses. They usually possess a bedroom or modulated voice type.

Most videos for branded products and services are non diegetic. It means that non-diegetic were recorded outside of the video itself and were just added as a background audio overlay.

Yes, actually it actually makes Google slides and powerpoint presentations more interesting. Adding voice-over can be set as auto-play or manually.

The place where voiceovers are made can be either in a studio room or a quiet hall. It is important to have a quiet background if you are doing a speech voiceover.

There are multiple ways to use a voiceover. One of them is to use videos as a narrator or an audiobook for documentary format.

There are different terminologies for a voice artist. They could either be voiceover talents, voice actors, and voice actresses.

If you are not confident recording your own audio or doesn't sound pleasant, it is worth hiring voice-over service. The talents for voiceover at Web Marca have a pleasing sound.

best Voice-Over company for 2021

"Our voice-over company is composed of freelance voiceover talents. So, in case that you would like to have a pleasing sound for an audio background, try Web Marca. We have voices from our voice artist for male, female, or even a child's voice-over." You can select from native English speakers for American, British, or any other accent. Below are what we can offer with our site voiceover service.

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High-Quality Sound

Add the best narrator to your videos. Hire us to create high-quality sound voiceover. Take your video to the whole new next level.

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Best Delivery Time

We can quickly ask our voice artists to record voice-over to deliver it to you as soon as possible. Audio is available within 24 hours.

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Pleasing to Listeners

Select what kind of gender or age you would like for the voiceover. Our voice talents with pleasing tone can do the job right away.

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Lowest Talent Fee

Unlike any other freelance voice actor or actress and agency, we only charge at a low price per word. Affordable to anyone in need.

Having done several jobs and projects for our clients, our group of voice talents is growing. Thus, giving you wide choices for the voice selection. Whether you need a man, woman, or even a kid’s voice, we can have it your way. Please note that our children’s voice-over talents is legally fit for the job, under the child labor act. In fact, all of them are children of our adult voice artists. Below are what we can offer for each audio project.

Good Sound

Good Sound

Reach out to your native audience and make the narrator sound like a local and connect with customers.

Kids Voice

Kid's Voice

There are some businesses whose market is focused on children. So a kid's voiceover is a perfect fit for it.

Male Voice

Male Voice

A man's voice is usually good for brand introduction especially with that bass tone that makes it good.

Female Voice

Female Voice

A woman's voice is good for explaining a step-by-step guide. A high pitch tone gives clarity.

Modulated Speech

Modulated Speech

Not too loud and not too soft makes our talents' modulated speech a thumbs up. Just into the right level.

Professional Tone

Professional Tone

The way our voice-over artist delivers the speech will be in a professional and friendly manner.

Narrative Voiceover

Whenever we create any type of Google slides or PowerPoint presentation, we may consider adding a narrative voiceover. For the purpose to read what is written in each slide and make understandable for your clients.

Adding narrative voiceover would definitely add more impact especially for a business proposal presentations. It will make it more professional and gives the impression that you prepared and spent so much time making it.

Explainer Videos

When we introduce a new product or service, an explainer video makes it easy to follow for your customers. A clear explanation is essential to better understand what your videos are all about. Adding a clear audio overlay is a must.

Another thing you could make use of voice-over for an explainer video is when sharing a tutorial, guide, or procedure. Sometimes visual graphics can be difficult to understand or decipher. A backup voiceover is a good idea.

Business Portfolio - Voiceover Audiobook

Please take time to listen to our sample audios from our voice-over talents and artists. These are short audio clips that could leave an impact on listeners to tell about your company brand. Just provide us a script and we will record it for you.

Let us take the first step by contacting us about having a voice-over. We can deliver the audio format in mp3 or wav format within the day. Rest assured that we will provide good deliverables with our talented voice actors and actresses. We offer the most affordable rates among others.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via our online platform on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock-up for the estimated budget that you would need for our voice-over services.

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