Here at Web Marca, we believe that simply designed websites are effective than overdecorated ones.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a presentable layout of every web page is the main goal of what a web design company can do. Designing in line with photos, videos, and text content.

If you are a business owner, you want to just focus on the operations. Building pages could take time. Especially if you don't have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Designing a landing page is helpful for business owners. So that their customers can see what their products and services have to offer.

Visual or graphic design is not the only factor. Creating a lightweight page design is an important concept when designing a web page. This is to optimize your website for mobile phone users.

If web design is poorly implemented. It can affect SEO or Search Engine Optimization as a whole. The structure of each element must be properly placed and strategically designed.

As a web design company, we offer and extend our services for a cheap minimal fee compared to our competitors. We offer money-worthy and simple quality designs.

Not entirely true, there is no one size fits all solution. The easiest is a semi-automatic approach where pre-built design templates are available. Still, changes to the content need to be done.

Budget, time, and quality. A web design company must provide cheap affordable pricing. Also, the result must be delivered in a timely manner. Above all, the quality should not be compromised in exchange for a low fee service price.

You can reach us online, through our email contact page, social media, and through phone calls via our mobile phone number. Hire our web design services and avail of our mock-up consultation for estimate pricing.

Basically, it depends on several factors. Things like your website requirement and the additional features you want. The type of service or functionality that you want your website to offer with your visitors is considered. And the tier of premium hosting you need for the capacity of the webserver. Our services could range from $149 up to 2,000 US dollars depending on what you want to achieve for your site.

Best web design company for 2021

"Our web design agency firm is composed of freelance website designers. So, in case that you are trying to Google Search for (website designer near me). You are in the right place. Web Marca is a global company where we accept clients from different countries abroad. Our international market also gave us the experience to handle different aspects of a great website design fit for your business." Below are the different types of theme templates and layouts.

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Modern website design

Technical help and client support are provided. We offer 15 days of customer assistance after each project with you for a smooth transition.

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Quick Built Deployment

We do the hard work for you by spending time and effort to put up your website as soon as possible. We use ready-built templates.

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Classic Theme Design

Our reputation is important. So, we do not want to lose our credibility by the quality output of our work, on every single project that we do.

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Affordable Price Rates

Unlike our competitors, we do not drain your funds. Because we also understand how hard it is to earn money. Our price is only reasonable.

Starting as a web designing company, we were able to build a good foundation of experience. We are helping businesses achieve their goals. Just by promoting products or services with the use of a website. Customers around the world can easily find you. Especially if you have a clean and lightweight web design where customers will keep coming back to your site.

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cheap pricing

We offer one of the cheapest pricing rates for any web design company's services. No need to look at the long list of names among web designing companies.

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good readability

We use readable font sizes. This is important especially for the elderly. As well as for those with vision problems or challenges. Also, it makes your site pleasing to the eyes.

company website 1

company website

Almost 80 percent of the website projects we handled are company websites. But we are flexible with any kind of business field or niche that you chose to be focusing on.

branding companies 1

branding companies

Of course we consult you on how you want your brand to be remembered. So we provide questions before each project to align your needs. We take priority on your ideas.

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Simple webpagefx are enough to beautify a page. Design templates like sliders and carousels can be lightweight with proper use. Fast loading speed is very important.

graphic design 1

graphic design

Copyright infringement is a serious legal case. But you got nothing to worry about. As we use no copyright or royalty-free photos and videos for your site. Making sure it is legal.

WordPress Web Design

Did you know that creating jaw-dropping web designs will need frame containers? While, each container has multiple elements inside it. These elements can slow down a page because there are too much elements needed to achieve such design.

On a geek side explanation, luxury or extravagant pages have large DOM size or what we call Document Object Model. With that being said, we could apply where the saying goes, “too many ingredients can spoil a dish.” As per Google, an ideal page should have 1,500 to 2,000 DOM size or below. But less than these figures are better.

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How to achieve that? Well, what Google wants is more texts for the audience to read and a minimum to a decent amount of visuals like photos and videos. One page effect could even be equivalent or more than the DOM size of 5 images. So, enough of technical stuff.

The bottomline is that our Web Design Company, constructs simple pages. We vision pages to be informative rather than a picture-perfect scheme. Unless you intend to build an online gallery studio rather than a website. As a popular quote from an artist we all know, Leonardo da Vinci. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Business Portfolio - Web Design Themes

Here are some of our web-designed templates for different industries or niches. We are fitting the design about your business type. Your company’s theme color contributes a vital role when we design the pages and layout. Before we publish a site, we ask our clients a few simple questions. Logo, theme colors, letter fonts, business type, and image preferences. As you can see most of our images are highly compressed and could be blurry. Because we want to reduce the page size for SEO. But, you can choose to have retina high-quality images in exchange for a higher page size.

Real Estate
Fashion Designer
Restaurant Cafe
News Magazine
Personal Blog
Travel Agency

Law Firm
Gym Class Trainer
Wedding Organizer
Home Interior
Life Coach Classes
Clothing Jewelry Shoes

Spa Massage
Boutique Shop
Dental Healthcare
NGO Nonprofit
Medical and Pharmacy
Church Religious Organization

Let us take the first step by contacting us about starting a web project for your business. We can move pre-built templates for your company or brand’s website. So, your site can be established as soon as possible and we can make improvements later on if you decide to move on to the next phase.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via particularly on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock-up for the estimated budget that you would need for our cheap web design services.

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