Our WordPress website maintenance services at Web Marca, will always keep your site in good condition.

Why choose Web Marca Website Maintenance Company?

For over years of experience handling WordPress websites. We found the best practices to maintain and balance all aspects of fixing or troubleshoot sites. Web Marca’s WordPress website maintenance services comes in a fixed flat rate monthly plan. We will check your website everyday for at least an hour. Leave the technical aspects to us so you could focus on your business.

Well Designed Websites


With our website maintenance services, you can save from our monthly rate pricing. And you can enjoy fixed rates.

Web Designer Online Hire


Wherever you are in any part of the world, you can hire us. We have served some clients internationally for years.

Discount Pricing Website Design


With each WordPress update of themes, plugins and core has risks. Conflicts, errors and bugs are a possible problem.

Wordpress Website Designer


We regularly coordinate with our team and customers. So that all their website issues will be fixed in realtime.

"Our web maintenance company is composed of freelance web developers. So, in case that you are trying to handle your website's errors, bugs and conflicts are a threat. Each downtime on your Ecommerce site may lead to loss of revenue. Web Marca accepts clients from different countries abroad. Our global market also gave us the experience to handle different aspects of a WordPress website." Below are the what we can offer with our site maintenance service.

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WordPress Proven Experience

Our services for website maintenance is of of the best in the industry. Finding ways to fix and to troubleshoot a site is our top priority.

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Daily Website Check

We do have a daily routine check that we always follow. Websites need to be always in good shape everyday to accommodate visitors.

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Website Owners Relief

Leave all website headaches to us. You can just focus on your business operations. No need to worry whether your site is crashing.

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Good Site Investment

If you have a money generating website, you do need to invest by spending on maintenance. The uptime is a must to keep getting revenues.

Site Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fixing and troubleshooting are some of the important task for website maintenance. Keeping the site in good shape is the simple meaning of maintaining a site.

It depends on how severe the problem is. If you are just updating and checking the site, an hour is enough. But if your website crashes or has big issues, it could last up to a day fixing it.

Revenue income is the main purpose of a website. Like in case of big websites like Facebook, site going down for a minute could cause a million dollars lost.

Conflicting or incorrect codes from plugin and themes are usually the root cause. If not, then the last resort is within your server capacity and current settings.

Absolutely! Dealing with your website health is important if you have big plans for your site.

We can offer our services to you. Please check our price rates. Also, kindly send us an inquiry if you have questions.

Updating WordPress core, theme and plugins are our first task. Then we check the site health for fixing possible issues at an early time.

Instead of hiring a high cost developer which would charge you per hour. You can just go for website maintenance services by a monthly fixed rate plan. Flat fees can save you your budget.

Do not panic and be calm. If your site went down, consult your developers and let them know. If you have a backup file, please restore them. But be advise that it would just be a temporary solution.

Yes maintaining a site can be learned. But, you need to have an actual practice too. Knowledge is just the first part of learning. Application of the actual process is the real deal.

When you create a personal website, your fans or followers would start to visit. As site traffic goes up, and your site getting bigger, maintenance will be needed. Eventually feature request from supporters will be added to the site.

If you have an online shop, lots of technical challenges will come along. A downtime could lead to a potential lose of revenue from sales. Proper website maintenance is required for a site like an online store. Prevent it from happening.

affordable budget friendly website Maintenance

If in terms of cost, that you are looking for low price services for website maintenance services. We can definitely help you with that. Prevent the headaches and problems looking what went wrong with your site. Hire us to work on it and troubleshoot all potential chaos within.

Cheap Pricing

Site Inspect

We offer one of the cheapest pricing rates for any web design company services. No need looking on the long list of names among web design companies. Most noteworthy, we offer discounts for all of our repeat clients on succeeding projects.

Good Readability

File Updates

We use readable font sizes. This is important especially for elderly. As well as for those with vision problem or challenges. Also, it makes your site pleasing to the eyes. We do follow this standard,

Company Website

Clean Database

Almost 80 percent of the website projects we handled are for a company website. The rest are for personal and single owned type of businesses. So, we are flexible with any kind of business field or niche that you chose to be focusing on.

Branding Companies

Clear Cache

Ofcourse we consult you on how you want your brand to be remembered. So we provide questionnaires before each project to align your needs with our craft. We always take priority about your ideas.


Backup Files

Simple webpagefx are enough to beautify a page. Design templates like slider and carousel can be lightweight with proper use. However, we do not advise cool designs like parallax, because they tend to be a heavy load for a page.

Graphic Design

Daily Changelog

Copyright infringement is a serious legal case. But you got nothing to worry. As we use royatly free or no copyright photos and videos for your site. Some of which, we make them ourselves.

Sometimes, problems with your site are due to plugins and themes. So in this case, we have to contact the developer on your behalf. There are some instances that fixing or troubleshooting a site needs plugin/theme devs resolution. We can speak to them and provide our observations. So that they could fix the problem within their theme or plugins.

What is good with our company values is that we care about our client’s success. In this process, we tend to pro-actively suggest or make recommendations. It usually includes on what things are bad. Or some of the good things that can be improved further. We are always happy hearing our client’s success. With us being part of their growth.

Business Portfolio - Maintaining WordPress Sites

Here are some of our work, where improving pagespeed was a success. Also check out where our client’s site loading time were improved. Improvement of the site speed could result to different great effects. From SEO rankings going up in extent to visitors satisfied browsing your pages quickly. Mobile speed is crucial as more than half of netizens or online customers are using their phones to browse websites.

Let us take the first step by contacting us about starting a web project for your business. We can move pre-built templates for your company or brand’s website. So, your website can be established as soon as possible and we can make improvements later on if you decide to move on the next phase.

Do not hesitate to inquire via our consultation or contact page. Additionally, you may reach us via our particularly on Facebook Messenger social media platform. We can prepare a mock up for the estimate budget that you would need for our cheap web design services.

WebMarca Website Maintenance Company

Hire WebMarca’s best team of web designers with top quality design ideas. Our agency will provide solutions creating decent website at low cost pricing. Web Marca’s global team will help you make and establish the purpose of your site.

E Commerce Shop Website Development

High Service Uptime

Creating an Ecommerce shop is just a good way to sell your products and services online. A storefront is your global solution selling worldwide.

Low Cost Website Launch

Fixed Flat Rates

Nothing has to be expensive to build one good website for everyone. Especially for start-up companies or businesses with a very small capital.

Designer Web Developer Agency

WordPress Dev Agency

Web Marca offers different types of layout and design for any business type. We could even suggest ideas if you might need help deciding.

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